Fact Friday


I’m sorry

I have a very complicated relationship with my Mother - she's been verbally, physically and mentally abusive to me for as long as I can remember. I forgive her because it's just been how is has been and I don't really know a different relationship with her and I feel sorry for her, but I've … Continue reading I’m sorry

How do you feel?

It's been just over 2 years from D-Day #1, and the 2 year anniversary of D-Day #2 and his attempted suicide will be on March 18, 2019. The frequency and severity of my visceral reactions have lessened, but I still feel resentful, angry, disgusted and shocked at times. When we aren't together or in each … Continue reading How do you feel?

6 years ago today

Today is my Birthday, the big 44 🙂 While I am so very  grateful for all of the Birthday messages I've received today, the messages, words and love from Mr. Perfect sting. 3 days before my birthday 6 years ago, Mr. Perfect ended our relationship (for the 4th time...OMG seriously I'm so dumb) with the reason … Continue reading 6 years ago today

I love this guy

No, Jason Silva is not Mr. Perfect, but a lot of his words and videos are pretty perfect. He is extremely philosophical, deep and his words have been transformational for me - and this is what I love about him. If you've never seen or heard of him, here is his website: https://www.thisisjasonsilva.com/ And here … Continue reading I love this guy