A lecture, and a restart

This was my view over the last 10 days 🙂 we were in our favorite city in beautiful Mexico. We left on Mr. Perfect's Birthday and I couldn't quite figure out if the anxiety I had been feeling was because we weren't bringing the girls, or because my Step-Mom just died and I was sad … Continue reading A lecture, and a restart


Fact Friday

Emotional Sunburn

I watched an episode of Dr. Phil the other day and something he said was REALLY relate-able to me. He described what hyper-vigilance and pain from triggers and trauma feel like. He explained that when you get slapped on your skin lightly, let's say your shoulders as an example, you feel it but it doesn't … Continue reading Emotional Sunburn

Sleep Peacefully, My Darling Girl

My beautiful 53 year old Step-Mom closed her eyes forever as my Dad was holding her. In a way I'm relieved for her - she was suffering horribly - but mostly my heart is broken for my Dad. I was raised with his mentality and automatic demand for positive thinking so I know for a … Continue reading Sleep Peacefully, My Darling Girl