D-Day #1 – Post 2 year reflection

D-Day #1 was on December 31, 2016, but it was only the tip of the iceberg as many more trickle truths and D-Day's would follow. As I reflect back 2 years ago to the morning of December 31, 2016 and recall the words and sexual content in the email from Landis (aka The Elf - … Continue reading D-Day #1 – Post 2 year reflection


Fact Friday

The ups and downs

This journey we call life - and all of the emotions that go with it, looks similar to a heart monitor doesn't it? Up Down REALLY Up REALLY Down What if we looked at infidelity and betrayal as our heart dying and the monitor flat lining. What if we could get rid of that broken … Continue reading The ups and downs

My Rock

I've been very busy as of late due to some very sad and difficult family illness coming from many different angles. My Mother had a stroke 8 years ago and has aphasia (loss of comprehensible speech) along with severe cognitive impairment and physical limitations on her left side. In addition to the Stroke, my Mother … Continue reading My Rock