I feel you

There are days I feel so alone like I’m the only one in the world feeling what I’m feeling after being betrayed.

I feel angry, sad, devastated, disgusted, tricked, rage, humiliated, worthless, alone, confused. DAILY.

Please remember; somewhere across the world, across the water, across a border, across an aisle in the grocery store, across the street from your house, in China, Australia, Pakistan, even Vatican City with a population of appox 1,000 people- there is someone curled up in a ball just like you, feeling exactly as you do.

When you’re curled up in that ball full of hurt, confusion and rage, think of any blogger, friend, the stranger who you saw crying in their car at the grocery store – and know, you have a connection. They feel what you feel.

You are not alone in this. Stick with us. We will get each other through.

Stay safe xo

9 thoughts on “I feel you

      1. Oh, I’m good. I just have moments. It passes. For some reason though I was really hung up on the disgust thing.
        I hope you guys are safe and well. I need to resume writing. I’m just in a rut with it but I miss my blogging peeps. ❤️


      2. I’m sorry to hear this, I have the disgust feelings almost daily – not all day just sometimes when I look at him imagining what he did and how he treated me so poorly during these times. it hurts.

        I miss your writing, I hope you do pick up soon 🙂 yours is one that makes me feel like “I can do this!” 😉

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  1. All the emotions you listed has described my life for the last 4 months since DDay for me. Every day is roller coaster. I try not to give in too much into negative emotions but I also let myself feel them too. I try to enjoy the positive emotions more lately especially with all the negative in the world and with a lot of death surrounding my family. Every day is a new day but I try to face it head on. I love your posts and they resonate with us all in such a meaningful way. XO

    Here is the link to my blog that I started when DDay hit and I would really like to hop back into it.

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    1. Thank you so for your kind words Diana! My intent when I started this blog was to let others know they are not alone so I hope that is what it has done 🙂 everything you’ve said above resonates with me as well.

      I’m sorry to hear about your family, losing a loved one is awful xo

      Thank you SO much for the link, I’m going to poke around in there now!


  2. Such important words. Even when we feel alone it can help to remember there are others who are going through the same things as us – and perhaps in the word press community!!! Thanks for being so understanding.

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