Happy “I haven’t fucked anyone else in a year” Anniversary Party

Mr. Perfect’s 1 year official sobriety date was on March 18, 2018 (he hasn’t acted out with another woman since December 31, 2016), but due to him being in school and with kids extracurricular activities 5 out of 7 nights, he hasn’t had that celebration yet.

Tonight’s the night.

In fact he’s meeting his sponsor early to discuss the next step, and even got asked to be someone’s sponsor.

Believe me, I am proud of all of the changes and efforts he has made to himself and his life, he truly has done so much and rebuilt himself into someone he (and I) can be proud of. But shouldn’t I get a cake? I deserve a triple layered lemon cake with extra thick butter frosting – I’ve not touched another man’s dick the entire time we’ve been together!

Yes, I’m proud of him, but yes, I want to be celebrated (and eat a big huge fucking piece of cake) too.



9 thoughts on “Happy “I haven’t fucked anyone else in a year” Anniversary Party

  1. Ooooh, I want some of that cake too!!! Has your husband finished the steps? BE was asked to be a sponsor the first time when he was only himself on the 4th step. I find that strange. I strongly suggested he needed to focus on himself before trying to help anyone else. I think he agreed. Who knows. 🙂 xo

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    1. Come on over, let’s each have half!!

      He has recently finished the first step. It’s a good step to finish, but I’ve had to question if that’s all he’s going to do (hence, the meeting with his sponsor tonight about the second step).

      I agree that he should focus on himself, and I don’t know if I can say that being a sponsor wouldn’t help him, because I think it could. I just know that I can’t get involved in his recovery work, I need to focus more on my own.


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  2. I am curious SSA, if you have started working the steps for yourself? I don’t mean SA’s Steps (which, as you know is based on Alcoholics Anonymous steps).

    I mean the steps for spouses. You can take a version of Al-Anon steps (which are also based on Alcoholics Anonymous) and applying them to yourself. Do you have a sponsor too?

    Al-Anon is for friends and family members of Alcoholics, do they have a similar thing for SA?

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    1. They have several programs POSARC, COSA and SANON. I went to a meeting and walked out as it was not what I was looking for. What he did had nothing to do with me, nor did I know it was happening and allowed it to continue. I am not a co-addict or codependent, so I don’t feel it is a good fit for me.

      No, I don’t do any steps.


      1. I hate that phrase codependent. Doesn’t mean anything. Co-addict is even worse.

        I think that is why I still appreciate Al-Anon, because a good meeting doesn’t discuss codependency or enabling.

        The focus is, this is what happened and what do I have to do to move forward. I’ll have to look those organizations up you mentioned. I’m curious with their steps look like vs Al-Anon or AA.

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      2. I need to look at what I need to do to move forward, not get over it, but accept it happened and move forward.

        I honestly don’t think there’s ever “getting over” this. Maybe learning and doing some steps will help with the moving forward.

        I’ve been thinking about you, you’ve been so quiet. How are you?

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