They were less than prostitutes

He didn’t even have to pay them.

Just needed to get this out there.


7 thoughts on “They were less than prostitutes

  1. Oh SoSA.. 😦 .. not sure what to say here, but i’m curious in what context this was raised? Did he mean that it meant that much less, and was that low of an act, devoid of any feeling? Or is he self-loathing?


  2. Right there with you. Mine never paid his physical AP, bought her a drink, or a meal, or a gift. Talk about self-loathing… what woman would whore herself out and get nothing in return? He never said he loved her. He never even said he liked her (her pussy, yes, but her as a human, no).

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  3. Women (all people really) want to be desired and when we aren’t it can make us feel unworthy or like there’s something wrong with us. I suspect you would be struggling with his low libido anyway, regardless of your past. I’ve never used sex as a way to feel worthy (I just really like it), but rejection does make you feel unworthy. I’ve been reflecting about all of the times I was rejected and all of the times we should have been intimate, but I was left alone while someone else got what was mine. Thinking about the past hurts, but I don’t have that problem today.

    You want the sexual and emotional connection with him, you want to feel desired and wanted. I really hope you and your husband can find a way to be on the same page because regardless of his low L, you have (I’m guessing reasonable) needs and desires that should be able to be discussed and met.

    I will never judge you and I know I could write about all of my mistakes I’ve made today and yesterday, and you won’t judge me either xo

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