Fact Friday


Comfortably not numb *trigger warning*

It's been almost 18 months since DDay #2; the day my world with Mr. Perfect turned upside down for the second time. DDay #1 was shocking, but DDay #2 was the mother load of shock and trauma not only because he fucked multiple women for the duration of our entire relationship or because of the lies … Continue reading Comfortably not numb *trigger warning*

Encyclopedia for the Betrayed — Betrayed Wives’ Club

Exciting news! One of my mentors through this journey I never wanted to be on has written a book about survival of infidelity. Elle is also the spouse of a sex addict, and founder of The Betrayed Wives' Club. She, and many other commentators on her blog have supported and talked me through some very … Continue reading Encyclopedia for the Betrayed — Betrayed Wives’ Club

The Expert

I had a friend recently tell me that she felt more disconnected than ever to the man she was dating. All along as we talked about their relationship over the last year I sensed that perhaps he was seeing other people, but when I dropped a few hints about this she always dismissed it. Unfortunately … Continue reading The Expert

Snarky Thoughts

I'm guessing I'm normal to have snarky thoughts in response to something Mr. Perfect says negatively about other women's appearances. For the most part I keep the thoughts to myself, but sometimes I can't help saying them. Damage is done to me whether I'm thinking them or saying them, and then I'm pissed all over … Continue reading Snarky Thoughts